Daily IT calamities that need a IT Superhero

Mmmm, the sweet smell of success. Business is booming and the bank manager is your best friend – isn’t it great running a successful business using a well-managed IT system and what’s more they prevent daily IT calamities.

But do you know why YOU have a managed service provider, what they do and how their superpowers can save the day for you when things stop working.

Common IT Problems strike in the heart of your business

There are lots of ways your IT superheroes protect your data, and help you access and restore it if something goes wrong – here are just some of the problems that can arise:

IT failures and outages: Oh boy, we’ve all been there when our tech throws a fit and decides to take a nap. IT failures and outages refer to those frustrating moments when our devices, servers, or systems decide to give up on us. It could be a power outage, a glitchy update, or just plain old bad luck. These moments can leave us twiddling our thumbs, unable to get any work done.

IT device theft or loss: Picture this – you’re happily typing away on your laptop at your favourite coffee shop, and suddenly you realise your precious device is missing! Yup, IT device theft or loss is like a nightmare come true for all tech lovers out there. It can happen anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s that sneaky pickpocket or just your own forgetful mind, losing your device can mean losing all your important files, personal information, and a chunk of your sanity. Take care of your tech, folks!

Extreme weather and other events: Mother Nature can be a real troublemaker sometimes, throwing wild weather events our way. From hurricanes to blizzards or even a simple thunderstorm, extreme weather can wreak havoc on our tech. Power outages, floods, or strong winds can damage our devices, interrupt our internet connection, and leave us feeling disconnected from the digital world. So, let’s hope Mother Nature cuts us some slack!

Data corruption issues: Ah, data corruption – the villain of the digital world. It’s like the boogeyman that silently sneaks into our files and turns all our hard work into gibberish. Data corruption refers to those dreadful moments when our files become corrupted or unreadable, often due to glitches, viruses, or faulty hardware. It’s a headache-inducing rollercoaster that can leave us scrambling to recover our data or start everything from scratch!

Ransomware attacks: Cue the ominous music! Ransomware attacks are like the modern-day digital pirates looking to hijack our precious data. These cybercriminals use malicious software to lock up our files, holding them hostage until we cough up the ransom money. Imagine opening your laptop, only to find a terrifying message demanding payment for the release of your beloved documents and photos. It’s like something straight out of a thriller movie! We have to stay vigilant and protect ourselves from these sneaky cyber crooks.

Managed Backup

Stage one, minute one in your managed back up plan, means that as soon as you move your systems over to an IT Superhero, all your data is backed up – straight away. That in our books equals peace of mind even when you’re on holiday, deep sea diving or playing golf… on the moon!

I thought computers liked coffee – IT calamities classic!

Your managed plan doesn’t mind, honestly. Whilst you’re mopping up, the files you were preparing for the meeting in 45minutes, will be transferred to a back-up laptop, and hey presto, you have yourself a new brew and your files ready to finish off. Brilliant.

Corruption in the heart of the system!

OK, well not as extreme as that, but we all know data goes corrupt – blame the Gnomes of Zürich, the Illuminati or more likely bad code, files you have been working on sometimes go pop. Without an IT superhero you would have to start again! With your geeky pal you can just ‘rollback’ to a previous incarnation with only a slight amount of work to do. What could be simpler!

What to know more about what your Managed Service Provider can do for you? Then drop your geeks a line – they will be more than happy to tell you what you’re paying for, it’s what they love doing and they are really good at it! Oh, and guess what – if you are a 365 business, your totally covered and you don’t even have to have your computer switched on – it’s just like magic!

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