Business performance can be affected by downtime, slow running PCs and out of date software such as Microsoft Office 365. So how do you ensure your business continues to run smoothly whilst concentrating on doing your day job?

IT Support at WTS Systems
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Local It Support – What’s it all about?

Our excellent technical local IT Services allow you to concentrate on the key strengths of your business.

Through our managed services we support servers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices - amazing!

Our ‘fixed cost’ I.T Support plans allow you to set realistic budgets on I.T spending, whilst you can still expect top level service with all the aspect you'd expect - such as managed O365 services, automated data backup and remote device management to name just a few!

Our range of services allows you to delegate different levels of responsibility for your business managed IT to WTS Systems. This means we can provide as much or as little support as you need, allowing you focus on the day to day running of your business.

Unlike some local IT companies, our qualified engineers, Microsoft experts and O365 consultants are at your fingertips if you ever need help or advice direct, meaning you can rest easy and talk to a specialist directly whenever you have a problem.


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For companies who like doing their own IT or providing basic support but know they need an expert to cover their back.

Gives you the knowledge they have unlimited remote/telephone support at your fingertips for a fixed fee

Proactive monitoring and maintenance takes you past just IT Support and usually will give you better results than just 'going it alone'

Monthly reporting showing you what issues have been caught and fixed without your intervention


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For companies looking for an IT department to run their systems and keep a constant eye on their systems health and performance

They get all the benefits of starter but also they get our managed antivirus solution to protect each one of their endpoints.

If they want they can also have our web filtering solution which stops know bad websites or web resources from even entering the network, stopping issues before they even get to the computer.

These companies know how much their business relies on IT and need the support and the management of their networks but still have to keep a tighten fist on purse strings.

With proactive the endpoints are protected with a basic backup that backs up the most common office files like PDF, Word Files, Excel Files etc twice a day.

Fully managed

Three WTS heads are better than one - blue

For those professionals that rely on IT to make their business fly!

Designed so that all IT department issues are covered by us, not only the support but budget managing, project consultation, future proofing the business - we do it all!

They get upgraded from just Anti-Virus to a full Endpoint Detect & Response solution thanks to SentinelOne

Constantly looking to keep the business in line with current standards and technologies especially in terms of security.

To further protect the network and seal off any loose ends we also add our Mail filtering solution providing SPAM filtering and Antivirus on emails received and sent from the business.

More regular review meetings to help make sure the business is soaring

Remote IT Support – how does it all work?

Simply give our friendly team a call now and they will have your systems checked over in no time. There is no hardware to install or any training required.

There is no hardware to install or any training required.

You can also choose the level of support you want, from immediate monitoring of your current level of threats to a fully managed solution where we will take care of everything for you.

All you need to do is get ready to run your business - hassle free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT support and how can it help my business?

IT support is a service that helps businesses manage their information technology (IT) infrastructure. This service is typically provided by a team of experts who are skilled in resolving various IT issues and ensuring the smooth running of all IT operations within an organisation.

What are the common IT support problems that businesses face?

As technology develops there are a growing number of ways that problems with your IT system can impact your business. Some of the most common IT issues we face daily include things like:

– Lost passwords and access to IT equipment
– Problems with email sending and receiving
– Printer issues and connectivity to the wider IT network
– Lost data and restoration of user accounts
– Dealing with the growing risk from cyber attacks

How do I contact your IT support team?

You can call us directly during office hours or raise a ticket via our support desk, where a technical staff member will be in touch as quickly as possible. Call/Email/Raise a ticket with the support desk directly through our support portal or desktop app.

Can you set up and manage Microsoft Office 365?

We are experts in working with O365, from individual users though to large scale businesses with users across the country. We take the hassle out of the initial setup and then make sure you stay up and running. We’re always on hand if you have any connectivity problems too.

Do I need to install any hardware on our existing IT systems?

No, it’s really easy to get your IT support up and running remotely. This means we’re only ever a few clicks away if you need us to access your device. Our experts will also talk you through the process when we need to access for the first time.

How do I choose the right IT support package?

Our different levels of IT support packages are explained and broken down in the above table. We can offer fully managed support to busy businesses, or act as an additional helping hand for your existing IT team. Our friendly team are always on hand to talk them over too.

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