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We provide 24/7 support, secure monitoring, business continuity, cloud computing and dedicated purchasing advice for business.

IT Business Services

IT Services For Local Businesses

WTS manage IT for business, we just do, trust us we have years of experience making sure your business IT needs are secure – that goes without saying – we also know how to make sure you can carry out your business, anywhere.

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I.T Support

Welcome to true proactive I.T Support, we do what the other I.T guys cant! Welcome to the modern world.

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Don’t lose I.T.

What if you had a solution on your side protecting your data like a big beefy bodyguard?

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Active Security

Either leave it up to chance or adopt our tiered approach to protecting your business and your team.

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The IT Cloud

Remove the need to stay at the office late, to work on files and have consistent access to your information wherever you go.

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Our clients come from a wide range of sectors with a diverse range of specific requirements for their IT services.

We reduce their costs and provide high quality I.T. support

We are a pro-active I.T support company that likes to detect problems before they happen. This reduces your downtime and I.T overheads trying to resolve a problem once it's happened.

Our systems are setup in a way that notify us if there is a problem 24 hours a day.

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