Cybersecurity – stay ahead of the monsters


Cybersecurity – stay ahead of the monsters

Your business is working great, sales are up, lockdown is easing and you’re ready to level up, maybe take on new staff – essentially everything is moving in the right direction.

The thing is there are monsters out in the big wide world of cyber who are looking for you. In fact, they are actively seeking you out. They want your information.

They want to sneak up in the shadows and launch an attack so devastating that it could ruin your business, guess what? The cyber monsters stay away from the big companies, because they have big security, it is really difficult for them to get their tendrils into their data.

Your company on the other hand is a prime target. You handle customers data, but you also work long hours, wear many hats and are constantly innovating in your approach which means time is your enemy and you have to pass on control of lots of your network to external consultants.

Cybersecurity the easy way

If you don’t have a geek to call and tell them what to do, then here are a few handy hints that will help you fight the cyber creatures desperate to grab your data.

Patch those out of date applications (or trousers)

Hardware and software on your computers need updating on a regular basis, otherwise the wind will whistle right though there. A good geek will have patch management software to keep your up to date and make sure your pants are not on view to everybody! It will help stop any awkward silences if your exposed.

Monitor and manage those vulnerable computers

Scan, scan and scan again – running vulnerability scans across your whole network will keep you vigilant and primed before a lot of major threats arise – geeks are really good at doing this.

Detect the threat and manage it

That burning firewall isn’t enough these days, you must have a detection system set up so if a monster digs under the firewall the threat can be identified and blocked. How do they get under the firewall? With email or by not locking down your endpoints (read more here).
This is so in-depth you will need a geek to sort it out for you – do you know any?

Watch that Log

Not that oak tree outside the window that the tree surgeon is working on, but the activity logs that run in the background of your computer systems – you may not even know they are there, but they do record a lot of information. When they are watched correctly they will provide a lot of information that will help you spot dangerous branches and cut down any threats – just like the oak tree.

B-B-Back up

You have been told this for years, back it up! If your whole system is backed up it can return to how it was before those monsters annihilated your network and if it’s done well it will be quick and effortless and even bypass ransomware attacks if stored on your friendly cloud.

If you’re not on the list, you’re not coming in

Business is all about change, new clients, old clients, promotions, new staff and staff moving on. Give users the least amount of access they need to get the job done, tell them, then remind them, oh and then tell them again not to share login details, use phone confirmation, create strong passwords and don’t forget to review and revoke as and when needed.

Wow, cybersecurity is complex and I’m a little scared what do I do?

Why do you think there are geeks out there? Can you imagine how long it takes to get a real understanding of how your network security all fits together. The geeks don’t spend hours in front of a computer watching videos and play games you know. They are researching, testing, fixing and improving systems to they are an active barrier between your company and the legion of monsters waiting just beyond the walls. Best piece of advice we can give – get yourself a geek and they will sort it out.

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