Lock IT Down - computers and the art of self defence

Lock IT down – the art of self defence

Lock IT down – the art of self defence

Woohoo we are all on the cloud now – its great, instant access to all our work files at once and really easily to use.

But, and there is a big but – you got to make it secure, whatever you’re doing and where ever you are – or the evil minions of chaos and destruction are ACTIVILY looking to get into your systems and cause mayhem and madness – steal information, login details financial records – in fact anything and everything they can get their grubby little hands on!

What you going to do about?

Well here’s how to fight back from the geeks who know.


No not that virus! We are all well informed about that one! Anti-virus and Anti-malware are apps that can be installed on your personal machines by warrior geeks who know what they are doing, skilled in the art of I.T. self defence. These little apps detect, protect and remove all the little nasties that will expose your data to the bad guys. It is essential you have these on your devices to stop a lot of threats.

Endpoint Detect and response

Sometimes the bad guys can just slip in under the radar, it’s now possible to stay one step ahead of them. Use Endpoint Detection and Response to keep your staff safe against attacks, live and as they unfold. This funky protection uses machine learning to protect you as the threat unfolds on your systems – it even alerts your friendly geeks a million miles away in their tech palace so they can keep you out of trouble.


Quite literally a burning wall of protection that keeps an eye on your device and stops the outside getting inside. One of your geeks will have this set up to burn unauthorised nasties connecting to your trusty laptop and stealing all your bits!

App control

It might be a bit of a pain at first – you will often ask the question – Why can’t I just install this handy app that lets me read peoples minds? But if you favourite geek has taken this action it just means that you cannot install anything by mistake. Free handy apps on your machine often contain really nasty little monsters that can rear up and bite all your hard work.

You aren’t getting on our network

Imagine you opened your drawbridge and allowed anybody to come into your castle or dojo, even when you were not there. Scary! Restricting access to your Wi-Fi and monitoring it will help keep you safe and sleep soundly night after night.


An extra layer of Zen mindfulness will allow you meditate at the mountain retreat secure in the knowledge that if your laptop is stolen or your walls are breached then any information cannot be read by the forces of darkness.

What to do next

You have to talk to a Geek-Fu Master – who will often lead crack team of warrior geeks – they will be able to advise you what to do next. When it comes to making sure everything is as secure as it can be – one size does not fit all, and often as not there is no across the board answer for you whole company. The experts will take time to really find out what you use and how you use it – then after contemplating the range of solutions available they will tell you how to build your castle walls. And how to maintain them and now and again advise on where you need to build them higher and stronger.

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