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No more sleepless nights wondering if your backup has been successful, or that your worst case scenario will hit your business – with our managed online backup we have got you covered!

Managed backup services
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Recover quickly and fully – after any disaster with our managed back up services

Being able to recover and restore data quickly is not longer and option in the modern world, your business data is the lifeblood of your business and with the rise of Malware attacks you really cant take any chances with your data.

Our Fully managed Backup & Disaster recovery service will not only ensure your safe from disaster but will give you the following benefits;

Quick setup securing your data in minutes

Data is stored offsite, away from major disasters (fire, flood and theft, lightening strikes and hobgoblins!)

Ability to backup Office 365® (inc Emails, OneDrive® and Sharepoint®) Cloud to Cloud - Like Doing the job with no hands

Optional local backup availble

Fast and reliable performance

Fully managed back up service

Fully monitored with daily reports available

Data is secured with military grade encryption

It’s automatic so there’s no need to worry about starting the backup

Restore data from scratch

Ability to backup virtual machines

Exchange and SQL Servers supported

Restore individual files and folders or everything

  • Seventy five percent of small and midsize businesses rank data loss as the most significant risk to their business Applied Research

  • The other twenty five percent do not

75% of small and midsize businesses rank data loss as the most significant risk to their business.” – Applied Research

What would the real cost of data loss be to your business? Sometimes its not just the actual loss of data that can cause you a headache it can also impact the business in many other ways often causing problems for many days, weeks or even months after the initial incident.

Here are a few of the impacts our Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery Service can help you avoid;

Data Loss

Loss of Staff Morale

Operational Downtime

Embarassment to Customers and Suppliers

Legal Implications

So how does it all work?

Simply give our team a call now and they will have your data safe and secure in no time.

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