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Cyber attack – over 200 US companies hit by ransomware

Cyber attack! Wow, it was all over the news last weekend, a huge ransomware attack was carried out against 200 US companies, reportedly by the eastern european ransomware gang – REvil.

This was bad for so many companies who use the network management tool Kaseya and it’s cloud based system.

Chris Musselle, Director WTS Systems said “We are definitely seeing a major increase in indirect attacks, the attackers are ramping up their efforts to target 3rd party suppliers to access major networks or information.  I believe that any supplier who isn’t taking this seriously or taking drastic measures to secure their networks, and in turn their customer networks, needs to really consider their approach to the safekeeping of their data.”

To find out more about the cyber attacks visit:

Hundreds of US companies hit by ‘devastating’ ransomware attack, cyber experts say – Sky News 03/07/2021

Gang behind huge cyber-attack demands $70m in Bitcoin – BBC 05/07/2021

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