More than antivirus

Listen up – you need more than just antivirus these days

It used to be easy – oh so easy to keep your computers safe – you installed antivirus, trained the team on how to use it and kept everything up to date – arh the good old days – you could also buy a bag of chips for 25p and get several rounds of drinks for £10.

Not anymore!

The tendrils of chaos are now able to elude antivirus by not having signatures, which is what antivirus is looking for! Not that type of signature – they type of signature that can signin to your network undetected – it’s happened a lot – like to 82% of SME’s hit by a cyber threat that wasn’t caught by their antivirus – oops!

Just chill a minute – that’s really scary but – grab a geek and talk to them about Managed Endpoint Detection and Response, they can demo how you can evolve your security to spot and stamp on today’s sophisticated threats.

You never know they may even know somewhere you can still buy a bag of chips for 25p – maybe not a bag, maybe a really small bag, or a cone or one of those tiny, paper cups you sometimes get sauce in – we are babbling now – you get the picture – seek the geek!

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