Antivirus threats to small and medium businesses

Ninja threats your Antivirus may miss

We all love the way our PCs have transformed a dire situation into a work from home – or – in the office hybrid. But, it’s a big bad cyber world out there. So many threats and they keep on changing – here is a quick list of threats that can sneak right through your antivirus solutions and take hold really easily.

  1. Weaponised documents that look like PDF attachments in emails but they actually spring out at you and attack your network
  2. Fileless threats that attack from memory making them difficult to detect before they attack like a ninja assassin
  3. Zero-day threats find and exploit a vulnerability before updates can be issued to your software or hardware. Yes, even those staples like Adobe reader, get targeted and don’t get us started on Google Chrome.
  4. Evil ransomware can disable your whole network – sometimes forever

Ok we know sounds mega scary and you are probably reaching to switch off your machines now – but don’t panic.

All you have to do is get hold of a geek – any geek will do – and have them evolve your security program to find and destroy the tendrils of darkness creeping through your system – OK that makes it sound really bad – actually its called Managed Endpoint Detection and Response and once set up you’ll avoid any harm and massive clean up costs if you are affected by the bad guys!

WTS Systems provide 24/7 support, secure monitoring, business continuity, cloud computing for SMEs across the UK. They are more than able to help with antivirus and all sorts of other IT issues.