365 Backup will take care of everything - you just have to tell it to

Back up – 365 will take care of everything

1970 – you would have been hard pushed to be able to carry more than five or six project notes and paper files around with you to keep them safe and make sure you had a copy – just encase.

In the late 70’s through to the turn or the last century – even if you had a computer, you could store a whole lot more on floppy drives, then CD’s or DVD’s then USB drives – all good but not enough to make sure your whole business was covered. If you lost that important spreadsheet or presentation you had to search round the endless disks and drives looking for the right one – trust me, I did it – many times.

Fast forward to now – unless necessary, everything your business does to operate successfully is stored on computers and more often than not – if your plugged into Microsoft 365, its up on the cloud.

So, your sorted right – wrong! You have to elect to add Backup for Microsoft 365. But here is the good news.

Use Microsoft 365 to back up your files and folders

When your friendly geeks do this for you this is what happens:

  • Back up Microsoft 365 Exchange™ every four hours
  • Back up Microsoft 365 OneDrive® every six hours
  • Back up Microsoft 365 SharePoint® (including Microsoft Teams® files and data that are stored in SharePoint) every six hours. Custom- and sub-libraries are backed up and can be recovered individually as needed”

Keep and recover your important data with 365

We will use the solution to help ensure you can:

  • Recover the data you want swiftly and easily
  • Meet retention requirements for data storage
  • Retain and recover Microsoft 365 Exchange email, calendars, contacts, and tasks for seven years
  • Retain and recover Microsoft 365 OneDrive data for one year
  • Retain and recover Microsoft 365 SharePoint data and permissions for one year

It just gets better as you start counting the days

Using the Backup for Microsoft 365 feature your geeks can help you:

Keep your data protection services up to date, no matter where your team operate from – office, home, treehouse or moon and no matter how many new staff come onboard to work for you

Save LOADS of time trying to recover lost data, presentations, tea and coffee rotas, end of year accounts and time sheets

Maintain continuity by recovering lost files one by one or complete reinstalls after the finance laptop was dropped out of a helicopter!

365 Finally…

The bad guys have made it through all your security, business email has been compromised, your whole system is rotten with dirty files, ransomware, bugs, and the hackers are dancing a merry little jig – cut the music, and let your geeks recover and reinstall everything to a lovely clean system in no time at all – surely Backup for Microsoft 365 is a no brainer.

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